Optoma Gold Service

Optoma Gold Service is an enhanced service program that brings you convenient and prioritized service and support. Some of the benefits include hot swapping, annual maintenance checks, priority tech support, and advance loaners.

Hot Swap

Optoma Gold Service Customers are eligible for a quick replacement service program. Optoma will send a projector of equal or higher quality via overnight service to replace any malfunctioning projector that has problems which cannot be resolved through our technical support department (lamps are not covered). To do this, the customer will need to provide Optoma with a credit card to secure the new projector. When the original projector is returned to Optoma, the credit card will be credited back.

Annual Maintenance

Optoma Gold Service Customers may, at their discretion, have a free annual maintenance service done for each projector they have registered in the program. Gold Service Customers will need to call Optoma to schedule a time for maintenance. The annual maintenance will include inspection of the cooling fans, cleaning of all optical components, alignment, adjustments, any necessary upgrades, and a complete general cleaning (lamps are not covered). The Customer and Optoma will each take responsibility for shipping one way.

Priority Technical Support

Gold Service provides customers with free top-priority technical support.

On-Line Technical Support

An Optoma Gold Service Customer can access the Optoma website to post questions through Optoma On-Line Tech Support. An Optoma Technical Support or Customer Service Representative will provide an answer thorough email or by phone. The web address for this service is http://www.optomausa.com/techsupport.asp.

Advance Loaner

If a Gold Service Customer wishes to have the original unit back instead of replacing it with another unit, Optoma Gold Service will ship an advance loaner by overnight freight for the customer while the original unit is being repaired. To do this, the customer will need to provide Optoma with a credit card to secure the loaner projector. Once the unit is repaired, Optoma will send the original unit back to the customer, and the customer will send the loaner unit back to Optoma for credit.

Delivery Services

In order to receive the replacement promptly, the customer must telephone Optoma Technical Support at (888) 289-6786 before 2PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure product delivery the next day. This limited warranty service is extended by Optoma to the original purchaser of the projector only and is not transferable. This program is only available in the United States. The projector will be delivered by Second Day Air to Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. territories.


The Gold Service Program is only valid so long as the general warranty of the projector is current. All of the terms and conditions of the original warranty still remain in effect.


Optoma reserves the right to refuse to offer this Gold Service Program to any individual or organization and for any model. The Customer must provide Optoma with the serial numbers of each projector for future service purposes.


The Gold Service Program will become effective from the date the customer's data and payment are received and approved by Optoma. The terms shall continue for ONE year or until the end of the life of the warranty for the projector, whichever is sooner. At the end of this period, if the projector is still under the general warranty, the customer may have the choice to extend the Program. The life of the warranty for the projectors covered by this Program shall remain the same as that of the original projector in the case of any replacement projector being issued.

Governing Law

This Program shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and shall be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of Santa Clara County, and the State of California.


All disputes and controversies concerning the interpretation or enforcement of this Program, other than the collection of any sum due to Optoma for the sale of Equipment, shall be submitted to binding arbitration conducted by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules.