Optoma Authentic Lamps

There is an increasing amount of counterfeit lamps being sold, and to protect your investment, we recommend using only authentic Optoma lamps in your Optoma projector or display.

Why should I buy authentic Optoma lamps?

  • Genuine Optoma lamps have been tested and designed to work specifically in your Optoma projector. Counterfeit lamps could cause damage to electrical components in your projector or display.
  • Installing a non-genuine Optoma lamp in an Optoma projector or display will void your projector/display's warranty. Repairs resulting from damage done by the non-certified lamp will not be covered under the limited warranty.
  • Counterfeit lamps can also have reduced performance and significantly reduced life expectancy.

Where can I buy authentic Optoma lamps?

  • We have Authorized Optoma Dealers nationwide. Please visit our Web site at www.optomausa.com and click on “Where to Buy.”

How do I know if I have a genuine Optoma lamp?

  • Pricing can be one of the easiest ways to spot a fake Optoma lamp. If the price is much lower than the price of a genuine Optoma lamp, it most likely is not genuine.
  • We have professionals that can help confirm the authenticity of your lamp. Contact Optoma Customer Service at 888-289-6786.