EcoBright TCO Calculator
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User Need   
How many projectors do you intend to replace?   
How many years of use do you expect out of your new projectors?    years
How many hours a week do you use your projector?    hours
Purchase total:
Power Consumption
Average power consumption of projector in standby mode?   watts   watts 0.15
Average power consumption at full brightness?   watts   watts 135
What is the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour?  $ 0. k/w
Power Consumption Total:
Replacement Parts
What is the cost for a replacement lamp?  $ per lamp  $ per lamp $0
Quoted lamp lifetime in bright/normal mode?   hours   hours
What is the cost of a replacement filter (replaced with each lamp)?  $ per filter  $ per filter $0
Lamp and Filter Costs:
Maintenance Requirements
Average maintenance hours per projector per year?   hours 0
Average hourly rate for IT technician?  $ per hour $0
What is the cost for the extended warranty for years 4 and 5?  $  $  $
Projected Cost of Ownership over ? years:
Total Cost Per Projector:
Projected Savings:
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